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Dances With Fat

Think of the childrenI told you last week that Joanne Dolgoff, the doctor in charge of the kids on this season of The Biggest Loser, had reached out and offered to have a telephone call with me about my concerns with having kids on TBL this season.  A couple hours before the scheduled call she cancelled with an e-mail that said:

Something has come up at work and I am unable to do this phone call today.  But in thinking about it further, I think the show itself is the best evidence of our intentions and approach. So I think it’s best if you can tune in to “The Biggest Loser” on January 6 to see that the kid participants on the show will follow an age-appropriate program that emphasizes getting healthy rather than numbers on a scale.  As you’ll see, the kids are handled with great care, support and encouragement to help…

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Health At Every Size® Blog

by Fall Ferguson, JD, MA

Sometimes I feel that I am witnessing the beginnings of a paradigm shift away from the war on obesity and toward a more diverse and nuanced conception of health, one in which we are at peace with and in our bodies. At other times, I get discouraged because it seems that our cultural obsession with thinness and professional obsession with “obesity” and weight loss are more entrenched than ever.

Signs of a Shift?

If you have read our blog post about being at the American Public Health Association’s meeting a few weeks ago, you know that we were thrilled with the reactions of the health professionals we encountered at the ASDAH booth. Dissatisfied with the weight-based messaging and with the use of the BMI as a proxy for health, they experienced our HAES® message as a welcome alternative to a tarnished approach that they had…

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