Health At Every Size® Blog

by Fall Ferguson, JD, MA

Sometimes I feel that I am witnessing the beginnings of a paradigm shift away from the war on obesity and toward a more diverse and nuanced conception of health, one in which we are at peace with and in our bodies. At other times, I get discouraged because it seems that our cultural obsession with thinness and professional obsession with “obesity” and weight loss are more entrenched than ever.

Signs of a Shift?

If you have read our blog post about being at the American Public Health Association’s meeting a few weeks ago, you know that we were thrilled with the reactions of the health professionals we encountered at the ASDAH booth. Dissatisfied with the weight-based messaging and with the use of the BMI as a proxy for health, they experienced our HAES® message as a welcome alternative to a tarnished approach that they had…

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